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Event: Mind, Body & Code

  • Fishburners 608 Harris Street Ultimo, NSW, 2007 Australia (map)

Technological innovation has helped us become calmer, soothe our physical pain and augment our bodies in ways we may never have dreamed of. Advances in hardware and software have allowed us to conquer our monkey-minds, know ourselves better and treat illness like never before. 

On the other hand, some innovations in technology are increasingly asking for more of our time and attention, creating an epidemic of addiction, neuroticism and an “attention economy”. The apps and devices we use - even those that claim to make us better - might be making us unhappier, unhealthier and unable to focus. 

Will technology shape our health in a positive or negative way? 
Should we switch on or switch off technology to make ourselves healthier and happier?

Mind, Body & Code is Code Like a Girl’s November event for 2017. We’re bringing together expert technologists from the health, wellness, body and mindfulness sectors to showcase their success stories and explore the impact that technology can have on our bodies and minds, now and in the future.

This event will showcase three speakers in both Sydney & Melbourne who’ve made an impact using tech in this space. You’ll hear each expert tell their story and address how technology might change our physical and mental health - and what the future looks like around technology-assisted wellness, HealthTech and related innovations.

Introducing our incredible line up for the evening!


Milly Schmidt, Code Like a Girl event host 
Milly Schmidt works as a creative technologist at her company, Dim Valley, and at Code Like a Girl as a mentor, teacher, designer and coder. She’s fascinated by the intersection of mindfulness, health and technology, and how technology can both help and hinder us in our quests to be the healthiest, happiest versions of ourselves.


Rosie O'Halloran, Award-winning entrepreneur and coach
Huffington Post Australia has named Rosie as ‘one of ten women entrepreneurs to watch’. Rosie is an advocate for heart-led social and personal development. Her entrepreneurial journey began at the age of 23 when she opened a children’s home in Uganda, East Africa and founded her first non-profit organisation. Rosie facilitates retreats and workshops and has recently released her first book, Reflections.


Lauren Grimes, Lead Mobile Engineer at CliniCloud
Lauren is the lead mobile engineer at CliniCloud, a Melbourne start-up that’s changing our approach to traditional healthcare using tools like connected medical kits and a strong focus on incorporating machine learning to help enhance at home medical care.


Kate Givoni, Software Group Lead at Hydrix
Hydrix is an energetic and high-achieving design house specialising in the development of sophisticated, safety-critical products for our medical and industrial customers.

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