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Adult Workshop: Build Your Own Chatbot (Pause Festival)

  • Grill, Beer Deluxe Federation Square, Flinders Street, Melbourne (map)

Is a robot going to steal my job? Unfortunately 40% of current jobs are considered to be at high risk of becoming obsolete over the next 10-15 years due to automation and artificial intelligence.  As the employment landscape within Australia changes now is the time to get digital literate. We’ve designed this workshop to help you in that journey.

Chat bots are just one form of artificial intelligence that we’d like to demystify for you. We welcome all newbies, beginners and budding coders to this workshop as we break down some concepts and myths around AI, discuss the emerging role of chat bots and get stuck in to learning how to build your own chat bot with only 50 lines of code.

Lead Facilitator

 Ally Watson, Co-Founder

Ally Watson, Co-Founder