Join the tech industry with a Code Like a Girl Internship

We know how hard it is to get that elusive first job in the tech industry, so we’re making it easier. Now you’ll be able to get started in the tech industry by working as a Code Like a Girl Intern.

How it works

As a Code Like a Girl Intern, you'll get paid to gain real-world experience with some of our leading industry partners, and receive mentorship from our team of industry professionals. 

You'll work alongside leaders and executives in a successful tech company, contribute to real projects and accelerate your professional (and personal) development by gaining valuable real-world experience. You'll get to learn by doing and see what it's like to work in the tech industry, and you'll build meaningful relationships with important industry peers and leaders. 

Building technology is complicated, and there's more than just one role for people working in tech. By working in a real team, you'll see first-hand what the different roles in tech are, what different people do, and you might event start to see what kind of role might be right for you. 

We'll help you learn by assigning you a Code Like a Girl Mentor for the duration of the program who will spend one day each month working with you in our HQ, in person or virtually. 


Our partner organisations

The CLG Internship connects hungry learners who value experience and creation over study and theory with Australia's leading tech companies. Industry partners are rigorously screened and to make sure your internship is truly effective. 

Our partner organisations:

  • Are committed to gender equality in their workplace
  • Commit to providing an enriching and supportive learning environment
  • May provide opportunities for employment after your internship ends
  • Are leading tech companies who are well-known and resume-worthy
  • Have technology teams comprising of different specialised roles, who'll train you on a real world project




Code Like a Girl's Internship is your key to mastering professional and technical skills, gaining valuable experience and developing a network to help you build your dream career in tech.

We welcome you to apply no matter what your background or circumstances. You might be a student on a uni break, a recent graduate, or you might be seeking a career change - what matters most is your desire to learn and your passion for technology. If you have strong communication skills, high emotional intelligence and maturity, you'll make an excellent intern. 

Through our application and review process we will understand your drivers, motivations and areas of interest to then match you with an organisation and Code Like a Girl Mentor who will see you flourish personally and professionally.


The nitty gritty

As a Code Like a Girl Intern you'll:

  • Work on-site within a tech team at a leading Australian tech company
  • Choose whether you'll work there for 3 months or 6 months
  • Choose whether you'll work full-time or part-time - we're flexible to suit your other commitments
  • Be in a paid role
  • Be legally allowed to work in Australia

Throughout the program you'll:

  • Have regular 1-on-1 coaching sessions with your Code Like a Girl Mentor
  • Participate in personal and professional development sessions including acing the technical interview, building your CV and portfolio, finding the job you love, knowing your worth and overcoming imposter syndrome
  • Attend regular program events and meet other industry partners and interns
  • Build technical skills at an organisation committed to gender equality

Sound good? Take the first step in creating a career you'll love. Apply to be a Code Like a Girl Intern.

Want to join us as a partner organisation?

Bringing on a Code Like a Girl Intern can help your team solidify its processes, build leadership and give back to the community. 

If you're looking to increase the diversity in your tech teams and are seeking passionate and talented individuals who will grow and learn at your company, fill out the form below and tell us about your organisation.