Top Tech Scholarships from Australian Unis

Women make up less than a third of all STEM university graduates in Australia. In light of this, top universities offer a myriad of scholarships for talented women who are interested in studying STEM fields. But finding the right scholarship can take a lot of time and research. So we’ve compiled a list of five merit and equity-based technology scholarships across the country.

University applications are due September 28 - feel free to share this list with the coding sisters and university hopefuls you know!!


Monash University- Women In Information Technology Scholarship

Monash University’s scholarship program offers 50 scholarships in order to level the playing field for women. The best part? You don’t even have to apply. Monash University offers top female candidates $6000 in total for their first year of study. If you apply for any degree managed by the Faculty of Information Technology at a Monash campus in Australia, you will automatically be entered into the candidate pool. According to the Academic Ranking of World Universities 2017-2016 report, Monash is the best university in Australia for engineering, technology, and computer science.

Deakin University- IGNITED Scholarship

Deakin University’s Ignited Scholarship was created to foster female interest in engineering, information technology, and construction management. This scholarship gives female recipients $5k per academic year for the duration of their studies. In terms of entry-level, bachelor degrees, this scholarship applies to women interested in studying Bachelor of Computer Science, Bachelor of Information Technology, Bachelor of Cyber Security. However, what distinguishes this scholarship from others is that all recipients will also have access to an academic mentor to guide them through their studies. This mentor is specifically for the women who have been awarded the ignited scholarship.


The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) - CallidusCloud Scholarship in Information Technology

UTS offers over 8 scholarships in the fields of information technology and engineering. However, the one that caught my eye was the CallidusCloud Scholarship. This scholarship is eligible to all students studying a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and a Diploma in Information Technology Professional Practice course. Awarded students will receive $7,700 in their first year of study, which is equivalent to 3,850 cups of 2-minute noodles from Woolworths! To receive this coveted scholarship students must demonstrate academic merit, a motivation to succeed and thrive in their IT degree and financial or circumstances of disadvantage. Recipients of this scholarship will be paid to study at one of the most highly-regarded IT degrees in Sydney.


Queensland University of Technology (QUT). - Women in Information Technology Merit Scholarship

QUT offers the Women in Information Technology Merit scholarship to high-achieving school leavers to foster and encourage women to enter IT fields. Eligible applicants need more than marks to receive this scholarship. Recipients must demonstrate a desire to act as a role model in raising awareness of the contributions of female technologists and set an example for future, female students (feel free to join Code Like a Girl). The scholarship is valued at $6000 and reveals QUT’s desire to change the game for women in technology.


The University of Adelaide- Dr Richard Oertel Scholarship

The University of Adelaide created the Dr.Richard Oertel Scholarship to provide financial assistance to students studying a degree managed by the faculty of Engineering, Computer & Mathematical Sciences. Applying students must demonstrate both academic merit and financial need to apply. Recipients will receive $5000 per year over the course of three years.

Good luck to all the students out there!! And don’t stress. Your final year of schooling does not wholly define your future nor do your final university preferences dictate your career. You can always swap courses and change careers as you grow and discover new characteristics, skills and interests. So get some rest, study hard and don't forget to apply for a scholarship in your dream degree. You may just get it!

Written by Zoe Finkelstein
Digital Content Intern @ Code Like a Girl
RMIT University