Sisterhood in Tech

September 1st was the gathering of a great group of women at our event, "Sisterhood in Tech" where we celebrated our one year anniversary as Code Like A Girl, and discussed the topic of collaboration.

Our co-founders, kicked off the event by summarising the team's achievements throughout its first year, including the numerous successful events that have been run, and the fantastic publicity that the team have received. Ally finished off by thanking all the volunteers and sponsors involved, and then promoted the coding workshops geared towards young girls that we are running in collaboration with Dius, Envato, Touchcorp, and the National Academy of Technology.

We had three fantastic guest speakers:

Remya Ramesh

Remya talked about her own career, and also discussed the importance of good collaboration in IT between design, development and testing teams, including the use of Agile processes.

Emma Park @emma_park

Emma Park gave her top ten tips for good collaboration, including the importance of expressing your own opinion, and letting your team know when things are going well (and not well), and that changing the environment that you work in can do wonders for your team (work outside or in a coffee shop occasionally!)

Anita Matuszewski

Anita's inspiring talk about her own long career was but was brimming with good advice and wisdom. Anita emphasised the importance of 10+ conversations - real, deep and personal conversations with your team members, to make sure that you know what they would like to achieve and vice versa. She then regaled us with stories about her own successes and failures, emphasising the importance of staying strong and moving on after failures. She also showed us a video (below), to make the point that strong support is just as important as strong leaders, and that ideas and leaders don't work without support.

Our social media accounts were buzzing throughout the event:



Our cofounders:

Thanks to everyone who came along, and be sure to keep an eye out for future events!