Code Like a Girl Turns One!

We celebrate our first anniversary with the launch of our new range of junior workshops.

A year after our debut in Melbourne, Code Like a Girl has established itself as one of the most successful female-focussed tech initiatives in Australia, aiming to drive change in the tech industry by providing women with the support and opportunities to grow and excel in the world of coding.

Since launching, we have run a total of nine events and workshops covering a wide range of topics, from Virtual Reality to Girls in Games, featuring industry-leaders from various Australian companies such as Envato, Deakin University and IGDA.

We has seen an incredible amount of support and an increasing appetite from the community; including university graduates, professionals, as well as parents with young children. This has become a driving force behind our ambition to grow and expand our offering.

“The past year has been such a rewarding experience. We’ve had immense support in building an active, welcoming little community and can’t wait to continue to take it to the next level.” - Founder of Code Like a Girl, Ally Watson

Code Like a Girl’s efforts in increasing diversity in tech have not gone unnoticed. we were recently crowned Winner in the Education category at this year’s Tech Diversity Awards together with the recieving the Inaugural Victorian Innovation Minister's Diversity Award, and nominated in the B&T’s Women in Media 2016 Awards. And the initiative shows no signs of slowing down yet; earlier this year, Code Like a Girl was sought out to participate in an accelerator program run by PwC, backed by some of Australia’s largest corporations.

"The nature of the work we do in Australia is changing and we must ensure the students of today have the right skills and training for the jobs of tomorrow. Now is the time to be supporting and nurturing upcoming talent. That’s why we’re extremely proud to be supporting Code Like a Girl through the 21st Century Minds Accelerator Program. We believe inspiring girls into careers in coding and leadership roles is fundamental in building our pipeline of problem solvers and innovators." - PwC STEM Leader, Tony Peake,

Embarking on the next chapter in our journey, we are launching our ‘Junior’ coding workshops for girls in Grades 1-12. The ‘Junior’ coding workshops are supported by Envato, Touchcorp Limited and DiUS, they will run in the September 2016 school holidays at the National Academy of Technology.

“Engaging young girls through technology in their formative years is crucial to seeing a much needed change in the number of females enrolling in technology-based degrees.” - Ally Watson

Junior workshops are sponsored by our generous friends at 


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