Our 'Hello World' Moment

Melbourne's tech-savy girls united last Thursday to celebrate Code Like a Girl's launch event 'Hello World' and wow, what a fantastic turnout we had! It was an inspiring evening of networking, libations and advice from some of Melbourne’s trailblazing women in the tech & games industry. 

On our panel we had:-

Giselle Rosman (@jazzross)
Giselle’s been greatly involved in rebooting the International Game Developers’ Association Melbourne Chapter & the Global Game Jam. She was recently awarded MCV Pacific’s inaugural ‘Woman of the Year’ for her contributions to the games industry. 

Jo Crandford (@joCranford) 
Jo Cranford is completely immersed in all things coding, culture, and diversity. She’s well-versed in Ruby, VB, C# and ASP programming languages and she’s currently the Development Lead at Culture Amp

Shevaun Coker (@shevauncoker)
Shevaun's exposure to programming early in high school sent her on an exciting path of robots and Ruby. She’s now a Senior Developer at one of Australia’s largest creative tech companies Envato

Johana Foster (@_johanafoster)
Software Eng. student Johana Foster was on our panel to tell us more about her experience at RMIT University & her role as Vice President for the RMIT Society for Women in Information TeCHnology (SWITCH).

Kath Blackham (@deepend)
B&T's Women in Media award nominee, Kath Blackham made a fantastic host for the panel with her wealth of knowledge and experience as Deepend's Managing Director and in the Board of Directors of SoDA

Ally Watson (@codelikeagirlau)
Ally started Code Like a Girl to celebrate, encourage and support women in tech. She's a big fan of smashing the stereotype and celebrating the many unique ways a career in coding can begin. 

Here's a few highlights from the night (more pics on our facebook page)-

You’re good at what you do and you deserve to be here.
— Giselle Rosman
I can’t wait for the day when there’s no stereotype for programmers; anyone can do it.
— Shevaun Coker, Envato